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Tide Clock- Beach Tide Clock

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Tide Clock- Beach Tide Clock

Keep track of the tides in your local area with our unique beach tide clock! It reads "Life is Good at the BEACH" with a rustic ship in the center of the clock.

We offer 4 different colors to choose from (White, Gold, Black, and Silver) for the clock hands at no additional cost.

Production Process- Our clocks are produced with fade resistant inks. The artwork is carefully mounted onto a laser cut, 1/4" thick MDF panel. A special UV resistant coating is applied for a durable finish. Dependable quartz clock movements are used. The clock hands are aged to match the antique vintage look of the clock. There are 3 different sizes to choose from to ensure the perfect fit for your home. 

• Please note that this clock is not intended to keep track of the actual time, ONLY the tide levels.

1) Look at the tide calendar/tide table related to your location ( offers accurate tide times)
2) Choose a day and time with a high tide
3) Set the hand on high tide using the small, black dial on the back of your clock mechanism
4) On the day of the high tide at the high tide time, insert the battery as shown on the back of the mechanism

• Variables such as wind, atmospheric pressure, the position of the moon, and the elliptical pattern of the sun will affect the tide. These variables affect the tide least at the time of the full moon. The time of the full moon/new moon are usually the best times to set your tide clock.
• It is normal to experience some slight variations, however they typically average out. By the next full moon, your tide clock will more accurately depict the correct time.
• Tide fluctuations (high/low tide) vary from one location to another. High and low tides vary between 12 and 13 hours. For this reason, the clock will show average values only – not exact values.
• The tide hand will have some play to it and seem loose. This allows for proper rotation of the hand. As long as the hand is not dangling freely, and a new battery has been inserted, your tide clock will run as intended.

*If your tide clock is left unattended for a long period of time, please remove the battery.
*Do not set the tide time by manually turning the hand. Use the dial on the back of the mechanism. Failing to do so will break your mechanism.