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Countdown To Halloween Clock- Faux Clock

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Countdown To Halloween Clock- Faux Clock;

This unique holiday clock is great for keeping track of the countdown to Halloween! Simply turn the hand one notch each day (using the small dial on the back of the clock mechanism - NOT by moving the hand manually) to keep track of how many days left!

*Please note; this design is not meant for keeping time! *Do not place a battery in the clock.

All clocks are made to order in my studio in rural Ohio. 5 standard sizes. Only the best quartz clock movements are used. The clocks are tested for 24hrs before they are shipped. 1-AA battery is required (Not included)

Production Process- Clocks are produced with fade resistant inks. The artwork is carefully mounted onto a laser cut, 1/4" thick MDF panel. A special UV resistant coating is applied for a durable finish. Dependable quartz clock movements are used. Clock hands are aged to match the antique vintage look of the clock.