Lunar Phase Clock- Moon Phase Wall Clock- Choose Your Own Color

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Lunar Phase Clock- Moon Phase Wall Clock- Choose Your Own Color:

You can choose your own clock face color, clock hand color, and your own size!

Most homes have a standard time keeping clock, but with this moon phase clock you can view the current lunar phase! The rich background creates a defined color pallet for the white moon phases to stand out upon.

Please note that this clock is not intended to keep track of the actual time, ONLY the approximate moon phase.

Our moon phase clock is operated by a lunar quartz clock movement which will require 1 AA battery (not included with purchase).

Please note that there are variables which may affect the way that your moon phase clock operates when tracking the moons orbit (which is approximately 29 days). Due to several factors, the clock may require adjustment from time to time.

*Do not set the moon phase by manually turning the hand. Use the dial on the back of the mechanism. Failing to do so will break your mechanism.

HANDMADE IN THE USA! All of our clocks are made to order in my studio in rural Ohio. We offer 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit in your home. We use only the best quartz clock movements. Our clocks are tested for 24hrs before they are shipped.

HIGH QUALITY PRECISION: Our clocks are produced with fade resistant inks. The artwork is carefully mounted onto a laser cut, 1/4" thick MDF panel. A special UV resistant coating is applied for a durable finish. Dependable quartz clock movements are used. The clock hands are aged to match the antique vintage look of the clock.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN CLOCK HAND COLOR AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! We offer the options of: black clock hands, white clock hands, gold clock hands, and silver clock hands. Our clock hands are hand painted in our shop just for you.

Our clocks are open faced! No glare and easy to read at all angles

WE OFFER A HUGE VARIETY OF DESIGNS: Our very unique handmade clocks are available in over 500 designs!