Wooden Moon Phase Clock- Mantel Clock- Lunar Phase Wall Clock

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Wooden Moon Phase Clock- Moon Clock- Mantel Clock- Lunar Phase Wall Clock

Add a touch of natural beauty to your home with our Wooden Moon Phase Clock. Each piece is laser engraved and made to order, ensuring a unique and personalized touch. With its stunning lunar phase design, this clock doubles as both a mantel and wall clock. A perfect addition to any space.

Production: We laser cut all of our products in our rural Ohio shop. This specific clock is made out of 1/4" thick Maple Plywood. We do not offer dyes or finishes with this item. High quality quartz clock movements are used (1-AA battery is required, not included).

Every laser engraved clock comes with a laser cut stand that is easy to assemble (This stand is optional, as the clock arrives ready-to-hang). Our stands are laser cut from 1/8" Masonite.

The graining and wood color may slightly vary from what is shown in the picture as each piece of wood is unique.

This clock is not intended to keep track of the time; only the approximate moon phase.

Please note that there are variables which may affect the way that your moon phase clock operates when tracking the moon's orbit (which is approximately 29 days). Due to several variable factors, the clock may require adjustment occasionally.

Do not set the moon phase by manually spinning the hand with your finger. Use the dial on the back of the mechanism.