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Happily Ever After Sign- Wedding Sign- Anniversary Sign

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Happily Ever After Sign- Wedding Sign- Anniversary Sign

This set of laser cut out wording comes together as small or large size options! 

Materials/Size Options:
1/4" High Quality Maple Plywood
small set: happily (10.5" wide x 5.5" tall), ever (6" wide x 3" tall), after (7" wide x 4.5" tall)

large set: happily (16" wide x 8" tall), ever (9" wide x 4" tall), after (10" wide x 6.5" tall)

XL set: happily (19" wide x 9.5" tall), ever (10.5" wide x 5" tall), after (12.5" wide x 8" tall)

XXL set: happily (24" wide x 12" tall), ever (13.5" wide x 6.5" tall), after (15.5" wide x 10" tall)

Our Process:
We laser cut our wording out of high quality 1/4" thick maple plywood. This material has a strong durability at this thickness. Our products will contain rustic, brown, burnt edges. Please note that the laser cut pieces will show slight burn marks. This coloring is easily covered with paint.

*This item does not come with a hanger.

*The graining will vary from what is shown in the picture.

*Our products will contain rustic, brown edges.